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Validate the install ISO! I think I did this half-way so my install might have some Chinese malware maybe? I downloaded from a server that purported to be in Arizona.


Having installed Arch a few times and never having as simple/joyful a time as I would like I made this.

"This" being this very document you see before you. It should complement the official guide.

First, use parted and pass the values and reference install guide for partition layout suggestions.

After a install and reboot I am sometimes greeted with a connect: Network is unreachable on a ping

If, for whatever reason, you don't have access to dhcpcd package do this (static IP):

$ ip link set interface up // if down
$ ip address show 
$ ip address add <address/prefix_len> broadcast + dev <interface>
$ ip route add default via 192.168.0.x // default gateway

Ensure that /etc/resolve.conf has been created and that it's setup properly...


nameserver // google


$ dhcpcd <interface>

Ensure the services are enabled to start at boot:

$ systemctl enable dhcpcd.service

General Tips

In no particular order after an install:

AUR (Arch User Repository); yay wraps it with go. Anyway, use AUR packages at own risk. Replaces Yogurt.

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