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I moved off EC2 and back to bare metal. On an old Samsung 1TB drive from 2008 this HTML file sits. How fast the Nix addiction spreads! I am running NixOS upon all my machines. Such are the actions of madmen! Well, that's not actually entirely true. Ease of installation is a key indicator of a worthwhile distribution. Nix has that.

(based off nix docs 06-07/2019

Getting started


parted /dev/sda -- mklabel gpt

parted /dev/sda -- mkpart primary 512MiB -8GiB

parted /dev/sda -- mkpart primary linux-swap -8GiB 100%

Note: The swap partition size rules are no different than for other Linux distributions.

parted /dev/sda -- mkpart ESP fat32 1MiB 512MiB

parted /dev/sda -- set 3 boot on

For legacy boot (remember that this can all be found in the manual as well!)

parted /dev/sda -- mklabel msdos

parted /dev/sda -- mkpart primary 1MiB -8GiB

parted /dev/sda -- mkpart primary linux-swap -8GiB 100%

Format it

mkfs.ext4 -L nixos /dev/sda1

mkswap -L swap /dev/sda2

mkfs.fat -F 32 -n boot /dev/sda3

mount it

mount /dev/disk/by-label/nixos /mnt

for UEFI

mkdir -p /mnt/boot

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