Unix is Your God

Don't you know that Unix is your God? It's so clear now. It seems like it shouldn't be so, but it is and that's just the way it is. Now, now...do not cry...it's only the rhythm. It flows in one ear and right out the other.

Programming is a blazing rush; more beautiful than the towering steel of Manhattan; more glorious than the American Revolution.

The power of our fingers was never so stark. The halting problem is sublime. Embrace it, for not even computers know the future.

Sometimes it feels like it's 1985 again. Hello in cursive across a digital screen for more than a year. A closed system. Marketing ploy. A slave to the rhythm of its time. Sadly, it takes some distance to realize that. That's okay. It happens. It has happened. It will happen again.

Out of a mass of onrushing wires, striving for the firmament beyond the sky, shaking the entanglement of fiber optics. This a past we will never know. Far in the future we cannot see. What will be and what was is all just a matter of the documented record. It's a matter for SQL and the database that holds it. We will lose our queries in the maelstrom of computational confusion. It's only the rhythm.

Grace Jones...Ms. Grace Jones

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